Change to become an authorized nurse

I would like to become an accredited nurse, but may not become an accredited nurse as it is now
There are also people who think that it is.

The reason for this is that the conditions for becoming an accredited nurse include three years in which the work experience is more than five years
We have to have experience in specialized fields.

The ward where you are working is in that field, but what you experienced is
In the case of a field that is not interesting but you are interested, you have to move department.

However, movement of departments within the hospital is not easy.
Because there is a lack of nurse everywhere, I am desperate to secure personnel.

If the doctor does not accept the change notification, I will take care of changing my job
It is recommended.

I am a hospital with specialized fields that I want to become when choosing a job change destination, so that I become an accredited nurse
I think that you can smoothly become an accredited nurse by choosing a workplace with support for it.