How to Become a Certified Nurse

I will show you how to become an approved nurse.
In order to acquire an approved nurse, you first have a qualification as a regular nurse,
In addition to having more than 5 years of practical experience, three years have to have practical experience in certified nursing field.

This nurse license is conditional on having a license in Japan.

Applicable to this condition, those who received a 6-month training at a certified nurse educational institution and passed the certification examination
It is possible to get a certified nurse license on a sunny day.

In the 6-month training, the lesson time is from 615 hours to 677 hours.
As this time varies depending on the certified nursing field, there is such time difference.

And, you have to practice in-campus exercises and clinical practice more than 200 hours.

Also, certified nurse licenses are required to renew every 5 years.