The annual income and salary rate of certified nurse

What is worrisome about getting certified nurse’s licenses is paying.

How much salary will be up after qualification? However, this is because of the qualification allowance
The amount is different.

So, it can not be said that it is unconditionally going to rise.

For example, in a workplace that does not require certified nurses, even if you have a certified nurse’s license
There is no qualification allowance at all either.

However, for workplaces that require certified nurses, you should pay around 50,000 yen as a qualification allowance
There are cases that said that income will increase by more than 1 million yen per year.

So, after obtaining certified nurse for a while, if you are dissatisfied with your salary, you can change your job
It is recommended.

Because it is a qualification that I got through with my best effort, not only in terms of salary but also for patients and other nurses
Please make use of it.