Types of certified nurses

I am interested in certified nurses, but what kind of fields are there? I think that there are also people who think that it is.
We introduce the field of certified nurses.
Emergency nursing
· Skin, excretory care
· Intensive care
· Palliative care
· Cancer chemotherapy nursing
· Cancer pain nursing
· Visiting nursing
Infection control
· Diabetic nursing
· Infertility nursing
· Neonatal Intensive Care
· Dialysis nursing
· Surgical nursing
· Breast cancer nursing
· Eating, dysphagia nursing
· Pediatric Emergency Nursing
· Dementia nursing
· Stroke rehabilitation nursing
· Cancer radiotherapy nursing
· Chronic respiratory disease nursing
· Chronic heart failure nursing

It is.

Thus, in various types of fields from the acute phase to the care period, and from adults to children
There are certified nurses.

In every field, with skill and knowledge only with patient care and family care, to nursing staff